Cream of Chicken Soup

About a week ago I had a head cold, but it’s left me with a sniffly nose and annoying cough. So this weekend I wanted something to soothe and comfort and after hearing myriad myths about the healing properties of chicken soup, it seemed like something worth giving a try. Plus, I still had some home made chicken stock from when I made roast chicken and this seemed like a fitting use for it.

For a recipe, we looked to Nigella’s How to Eat. Ingredients aren’t too hard to come by – cook the leeks in some butter, then simmer the milk and stock with some bay leaves and garlic. Poach the chicken in the stock, then when it’s cooked remove it and shred it. Put the chicken and leek back into the liquid and cook for a bit longer before blitzing in a blender. Finally, after you’ve warmed it up, add a bit of double cream, mace and an egg yolk and mix the whole thing together.

End result (other than a house which smells of chicken soup!) is a thick, creamy and very filling soup. Not sure if it will sort out my cough, but I’m too full and content to worry about that for now.