Hunter’s Chicken

We’ve had Hunter’s chicken (chicken a la cacciatore) a few times in the past – both Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver have recipes which we’ve tried and enjoyed. It turns out there’s another recipe for it on the Homemade By You site so we decided to give their version a try. 

The basic ingredients are pretty much the same, but I’m not convinced that the olives are needed. This version takes much longer than Nigella’s but produces a very rich and delicious sauce.

We made a last minute decision to switch from mashed potatoes to polenta instead (greed caused this – we only had one potato!) which worked really well and was more authentically Italian anyway. The end result was quite salty but very hearty and satisfying. 

Hunter’s chicken is a bit of a vague name which encompasses a variety of recipes. I’d find it tough to say which I prefer the most but we’d definitely recommend this one.