Clementine Cake

Whilst perusing Nigella’s “How to Eat” I spotted a recipe for cake in the Christmas section which appealed to me. It’s for a flourless clementine cake which has a few unusual features. 

First and foremost, you have to boil the fruit for 2 hours so this isn’t a quick recipe to make. Secondly, you then blitz these – skin and all – before adding it to the cake. Don’t do what I did and taste this mush – it’s horrible!

But then you mix it with the eggs – all 6 of them! – plus sugar and ground almonds and the result is a truly beautiful cake. Soft, moist and ever so tasty. Something magical happens and the bitter orange mush becomes a thing of wonder. Nigella warns that the cake can burn on top, and mine nearly did. I followed her advice and put tin foil over it halfway through the hour’s cooking but really I was a few minutes late. Still, it wasn’t enough to spoil what is a truly wonderful cake.