Roast Chicken, Potatoes and Leeks in White Sauce

Tonight’s dinner is a mash up of recipes from various places.

First up, the roast chicken is done according to the ingredients found in Nigel Slater’s Appetite. It’s a very simple recipe – smear the chicken in butter, stick half a lemon inside and squeeze the other half over the bird.

The roast potatoes were done according to the instructions found in Nigella’s How To Eat. Pretty standard process here.

Finally, the leeks were done according to a recipe found in Nigella’s other great tome, Kitchen.

The chicken was a winner and went down a storm. Next plan is to do something with the carcass like make real chicken stock. The leeks were also really nice… the potatoes were a bit of a week point though – possibly my fault for overcooking them.

It took quite a while from beginning to end this one – about 2 hours all in – and whilst the level of effort wasn’t all that high, it was higher than that required for yesterday’s lamb casserole. Still, if the chicken stock works out then we may be back for a repeat.