Makeshift Mushroom Risotto

The plan for tonight was to make a mushroom risotto using the description in Nigel Slater’s Appetite as a starting point. Unfortunately I found that the most fundamental of ingredients – an onion – was absent from our cupboards…

So I decided to improvise, but when I described to Mark what I had done he just laughed.

  • In the absence of onion, I used a stick of celery for bulk;
  • Because celery is nothing like onion, I also added lots of garlic – in my head, I was thinking that garlic is shaped more like onion, so it’s a step in the right direction;
  • But this still leaves us without onion flavour, so I threw in some long out of date onion granules which I found in the back of the cupboard;
  • And just to be on the safe side I threw in porcini mushrooms as well as the regular mushrooms I’d been going to use.

Did it work? Well, it wasn’t horrible. It was quite nice actually, but it wasn’t the risotto that I’d planned and it was a pretty hideous brown colour. Not convinced we’ll be making this exact recipe again any time soon.