Lemon Polenta Cake

Sorry for bombarding you with posts today, but I’ve been catching up a bit after getting behind. No excuse other than laziness!

The last post today is for some of Nigella’s lovely lemon polenta cake from Kitchen. We’ve made this many times before and love it, so with a few lemons sat in the fruit bowl it seemed a good way of using them up.

On top of that, we also had a huge sack of polenta in the cupboard. Normally we have coarse polenta in, but we’d mistakenly bought fine this time around. Nigella actually says to use fine for this recipe, and it works really well but I must confess that we prefer the slightly grainier texture from using coarse – it makes the cake a bit more unusual.

Sweet, lemony and crumbly. Gluten free too, if that’s important to you.