Coq au Riesling

This recipe is really an excuse to have some mid-week wine. The recipe comes from Nigella Express, is for 4-6 people, and a whole bottle of Riesling is an ingredient. We halved the recipe which left us with half a bottle of wine to enjoy!

The method here is super super simple. Garlic oil and pancetta (supposedly bacon lardons but we substituted) cook in a pan before you throw in some chopped leek, oyster mushrooms and chopped chicken thighs. Pour the wine over, chuck in some bay leaves and pop the lid on. About 30-40 minutes later you’ve got dinner. 

Nigella suggests buttered noodles with these – I just slapped some tagliatelle in the bowl and that suited us just fine. 

Easy prep, easy wash up. If you’re prepared to twiddle your thumbs whilst it cooks, this is a lovely easy supper.