Trillionaire Shortbread

So we’d watched Jim Chapman making millionaire shortbread on YouTube. We were inspired to make some and went rummaging through our cookery books to find a recipe… we didn’t just find a millionaire though, we found John Whaite’s recipe for trillionaire shortbread in his first book John Whaite Bakes.

Ingredients-wise it’s pretty simple, and the method is too. The tricky part is the timing: make the shortbread, let it cool; make the caramel and pour it over the shortbread, let it cool and set; then finally make the chocolate ganache and pour it over. The caramel took an age to firm up, so most of today was spent hanging around the house and occasionally giving it a prod.

I also made a major blunder… I used golden caster sugar instead of regular, which meant that the key step in making caramel (“wait until it turns amber”) was lost on me because it started out that colour! But it all worked out in the end.

End result? Utterly, utterly decadent and delicious. I was feeling really guilty after eating a slice until I discovered Daniel Frazer has an even more calorific version.