Anna del Conte’s Lamb Ragu

A few years ago Mark worked with an Italian lady who gave him a copy of Anna del Conte’s “The Gastronomy of Italy”. It’s a truly beautiful book but not one we’ve cooked from very much. Whilst having a browse I spotted a recipe for lamb ragu which reminded me of a similar recipe in Nigella’s repertoire. Nigella is a fan of Anna do this makes sense and there are strong similarities between the recipes. 

That said, Anna’s is somewhat more involved with mushrooms, red wine and red wine vinegar. There’s also a lot cooking things and then taking them out of the pan for a bit. I took the lazy route and skipped as much of this as possible, trying to turn it into a (nearly) one pot. 

End result? Big flavour. Big success. A bit more fiddly than Nigella’s but a more rounded result. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be coming back to this book. 

2 thoughts on “Anna del Conte’s Lamb Ragu”

  1. It looks delicious. It is often the “fiddliness” that adds the depth of flavors and makes the difference between a good dish and an outstanding one…that being said sometimes we don’t have the time and make do.

    1. Too true! Without doubt, both versions taste great… but I’m definitely going to be trying more “fiddly” recipes in future!

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