Pan-fried White Fish, Chorizo and White Bean Broth

A combination of all typically Spanish things, this BBC Good Food recipe seems a fairly good balance between simplicity and authenticity. Chorizo and cubes of white bread are fried with garlic to make croutons, while white beans (we used haricot) are boiled with thyme and bay leaf. 

Fry an onion with paprika, add the drained beans and some chicken stock: there’s your broth.

Pan fry the fish, and serve on the broth (not forgetting the sprinkles!)

In hindsight, the execution wasn’t quite as straight forward as I’d hoped, and I can’t help but wonder whether Nigella has any recipes like this – it’s right up her street, and her version would be much more streamlined and simple. Maybe it was the large quantity of washing up for a ‘bowl food’ meal. My haricot beans came from a tin unlike the dried beans described in the recipe, so perhaps they could be cooked straight in the broth. Then, close to the end of the broth’s coking time, the fish could be pan fried, set aside, and the croutons and chorizo rapidly cooked in the same frying pan.