Chocolate Brownies

Who doesn’t love chocolate brownies?

Mark and I have both been ill with a viral bug for the last few days. I was finally feeling better, so asked Mark what he’d like me to bake for medicinal purposes – his answer was chocolate brownies.

We’ve got a few different recipes around – there’s one in Kitchen by Nigella Lawson which uses “regular” chocolate instead of premium; she also has a flourless recipe in Express, and John Whaite has a cherry brownie in John Whaite Bakes. However, I decided to go for the plain and simple classic brownie from How To Be A Domestic Goddess.

The recipe is a bit daunting though… 500g of sugar? 6 eggs? 375g of butter and 375g of chocolate? This isn’t a recipe for calorie counters – but to be fair, it does make a lot of brownies.

Nigella’s recipe is pretty easy, but does require a few items – first up, you need a big pan to melt the chocolate and butter in. Then you need a bowl to mix your eggs with sugar and vanilla essence, plus another bowl for mixing the flour and salt. Once the melted chocolate has cooled a little, pour the egg mixture and and mix followed by the flour mixture and the chopped walnuts.

It takes a little under half an hour in the oven and the end result is pretty spectacular. Just try not to think about the mountain of butter and sugar which went into it!