Thai-Style Fishcakes

I’d had various attempts at making traditional, potato based fish cakes. They never ended well, either too soft and mushy or dry and brittle, the mashed potato element never seemed to work.

And then I had the idea of using mixed beans instead. While bulking out your quota of fruit and veg, they also add more structure (and taste!) to the cakes. They never fail.

The key is to drain the tinned pulses well, drying them off with kitchen paper too. These are food processed with a bunch of coriander, a chilli, one egg and some seasoning. The mush is rolled into balls (I used an ice-cream scoop) and coated in pano, although I’ve used polenta and couscous to achieve a crusty coating which have worked just as well.

Pop in the fridge for a while, then fry on either side.

Serve with a huge dollop of chilli dipping sauce.