Green Aubergine Curry with Indian Flatbreads

Nigel Slater is fast becoming our “go-to” celebrity chef – his recipes are usually straight forward and always delicious, and besides, Nigella Lawson’s new recipe book doesn’t come out for a few more months yet. 

This vegetarian recipe comes from his column for the Guardian, and managed to have a hot, authentic curry taste and yet very few ingredients (and pleasingly, without the use of curry powder or shop-bought curry paste). The heat comes from minced root ginger, calmed by coconut milk, and made oh-so fresh with a heap of coriander and mint leaves.

The recipe also called for home-made flat breads, and we obliged. Using a 50:50 mixof wholemeal and plain flour, salt and water, they took just minutes to make. It was particularly cool to watch them inflate as they cooked on a hot frying pan. Next time you make curry you MUST make flat breads instead of serving rice. 

Maybe do both.