For those of you who keep a close eye on Instagram, you may have spotted that we’ve been seeing the sights of Vienna and Berlin recently. There’s a tradition in my office that people who go on holiday bring back a treat for everyone else in the office but high temperatures made it difficult to transport anything and Schönefeld airport offered slim pickings… so to make up for it, I decided to bake something instead.

The recipe for blondies in Nigella Lawson’s Kitchen book is a favourite of mine, and before we moved to Manchester it was a regular request from co-workers in my old office (in fact, I had to leave them with the recipe before relocating).

The recipe is incredibly easy – cream together the butter and sugar, then add the condensed milk followed by the oats, bicarb and flour. These are then followed by an egg and finally lots (and lots) of dark chocolate chips. It takes just over half an hour in the oven and emerges wobbly and gooey – over the course of several hours it cools and solidifies, leaving you with an utterly decadent and delicious treat which knocks the socks off most chocolate brownies or flapjacks.