Chicken Drumsticks with Rice and Broccoli

I recently treated myself to Appetite by Nigel Slater. The purpose was two-fold – to extend our collection of cookery books but also because the book is less about recipes and more about your approach to cooking and learning to improvise. With that in mind, I present you with this dish – inspired by a recipe of Nigel’s in the book, but adapted – mostly because it was Sunday afternoon, the main supermarket was closed and I had to make do with what I could find in the corner shop…

So we have a load of chicken drumsticks, browned in butter and olive oil. They were cooked on the hob for about 45 minutes with some pepper, garlic and herbs de Provence. Meanwhile I cooked up some plain white rice and also pan fried some broccoli. Normally we’d use oyster sauce with broccoli, but the bottle in the fridge had been there quite some time and was smelling suspicious so I cooked it in soy sauce with some chopped garlic instead. The whole thing was served with a sauce made by deglazing the pot the chicken cooked in with some dry vermouth and lemon juice.

End result? Pretty good actually – chicken melts off the bone, the skin is crispy and the broccoli tastes great. This probably the first think I’ve cooked without religiously following a recipe in many, many years. Expect more.