Dark Jamaican Gingerbread

Not one of our usual cook books – this recipe comes from Delia’s Cakes. The beauty of this recipe is that you most probably have everything you need to make it in the cupboard already – the only thing we had to nip out and get was a bit of extra butter!

That said, it was a less than successful bake. Despite the recommended time being 90 minutes, we found ours was starting to burn quarter of an hour before that. The exterior ended up quite hard and charred, and the interior is drier than I would have liked. You can see that this could be a really nice cake but it wasn’t meant to be this time. Slathering it with some butter seems to have helped the problem though.

Delia’s cake recipes always seem a bit hit and miss to me. When they work, they work really well… but they don’t have the reliability and reproducibility of Nigella’s.