Chicken with Pesto and Mozzarella Gravy

Tonight’s dinner comes from Nigel Slater’s Real Fast Food and looks almost too simple. Nigel offers two ways to cook it though – one produces a “prettier” meal, and the other produces a “tastier” one. Yes, we photograph everything we cook… but I couldn’t resist going for the latter!

Cook the chicken in some butter and oil, then top it with some pesto followed by some slices of mozzarella. It gets messy because you then flip the whole thing so that the mozzarella is on the bottom and starts to melt into the pan juices. Then you flip it back over to serve, but make sure you add a bit of water and more pesto to the pan juices to whizz together into the gravy.

Not the most photogenic thing we’ve cooked. Certainly quite messy when the melted cheese starts going everywhere and the oils in the pesto are oozing around… but tasty? Hell yes.