Avocado on Toast with Chorizo and Fried Egg

We started Two Hungry Boys for many reasons, but chief among them was to try and “improve” the way we ate. Not by trying a short-lived health kick of 5:2, detox or some other fad, but by ensuring that as much as possible of what we ate was completely home made. Whether homemade salad or homemade self-saucing chocolate pudding, we would know exactly what was in our food and stay away from frozen ready meals and takeaways.

This extends to lunch, not just evening meals.

A left-over half chorizo from Nigella Lawson’s Quick Chilli a few nights ago had to be used up, and a quick search of the ever-reliable BBC Good Food website led to this quick lunch.

A ready-ripe avocado is mashed with lime juice, spread on toast, and topped with fried chorizo and a fried egg.

OK, so we were missing the pumpkin seeds and coriander specified in the recipe. But we ended up with a delicious homemade lunch that cost pennies.