Venetian Stew

The first time I made Nigella’s Venetian stew (from Nigellissima) was the first time I’d cooked polenta. I didn’t really know what it was, and I ended up buying one of those pre-cooked blocks which I sliced and grilled… it was OK, but a bit odd.

Since then we’ve had polenta lots of times and have gotten quite good at making it with a mix of milk, butter and parmesan. This recipe calls for polenta and Nigella provides a recipe, but it includes lots of a water, and only a little bit of butter and parmesan. I must confess, it wasn’t tasty enough for our liking so I added more than double the recommended amount of cheese!

The other substitution we made was swapping out radicchio for chicory which in theory should give a similar flavour but lacks the colour of radicchio. I also added less chicory than the recipe suggested because I was worried it would make things too bitter.

End result – not too pretty and it needs a spoon to eat, but it hit the spot.