Carrot and Courgette Cake

The folks who wrote Thrive on Five are clearly masters of witchcraft. This is a recipe which shouldn’t exist because it defies everything we know about healthy eating.

In short, this is a cake, a slice of which counts as two portions of fruit and veg. That’s right – a slice of cake which gets you 40% towards your daily goal of health. And there’s a lot of healthy stuff in here – carrots, courgettes, bananas, apricots, sultanas and pine nuts. There’s unhealthy stuff too – sugar, flour and oil – so enjoy it in moderation!

We made a slight deviation by replacing rapeseed (canola) oil with olive oil, since we know that works really well in Nigella’s chocolate olive oil cake. The end result is lovely – moist, very cakey and sweet but you’d never know there was so much healthy stuff in it. The house also smells amazing when making this – first of pancakes, then of cake. Wonderful stuff!