Asparagus Cream Pasta

Everything’s better with bacon.

Well, pancetta in this case. The base recipe come from the ever reliable BBC Good Food, and provided a method for creating a sauce that seems endlessly adaptable.

Cream is brought to the boil with a garlic clove, which is then taken off the heat and the clove removed. The cream is then flavoured – in this case by adding parmesan and boiled asparagus stalks before using a stick blender to create a thick sauce, but surely the method could be applied to tomatoes, peas, beans, spinach, herbs, …

The recipe asked for the asparagus tips to be boiled with pasta, but a browse through the comments sections showed the addition of pancetta to be commonly recommended. We fried the asparagus tips in pancetta fat, then combined the cooked tagliatelle and asparagus sauce in the frying pan.

The dish was quick, easy, delicious and adaptable – well done BBC Good Food!