Rib Sticking Stir Fry

Admittedly this caught my eye because I thought it was a recipe for ‘sticky ribs’, but on closer reading this turned out to be a quick and easy meal that would pack in about three portions of our five-a-day. The quick and easy was to be expected, given that the recipe is from Nigella Express: Good Food Fast – while the large vegetable count was an unexpected bonus for a Nigella Lawson recipe.

So easy to make, 300g of turkey breast is bronzed in a frying pan (or wok) before the same quantity of pre-packed stir-fry is added to the pan. The whole thing is doused in 60ml each of rice wine and soy sauce (we used light soy to keep the sodium down) and, close to the end, a 400g tin of canellini beans is drained and added to the pan.

So easy, so tasty – proof that just a few basic store cupboard flavourings, in this case soy sauce and rice wine, can make a delicious meal.