Pulled Pork

With all our recipe books which are the basis of pretty much each of the posts on this blog, the source for today’s meal is something of a surprise: a leaflet that came through our door from the British pork board (or more specifically, an organisation called Red Tractor).

Requiring pork shoulder, it was very hard to find anything in small enough for just the two of us, so the quantity here has made enough for two evenings.

What occurred was a modern day miracle – the ingredients were cheap as chips (Sainsbury’s basic pork shoulder, dark sugar, salt, and supermarket own brand paprika and mustard) but the end result was both delicious and enough to feed a street party. The only investment is in time: after rubbing in a mixture of the salt, sugar, mustard and paprika the joint is roasted for 30 minutes at 200 C, before being covered and left at 13 C for six hours. A finally 10 minute blast at 200 C precedes a 30 minute rest, after which you pull the pork to rags with two forks.

To serve, I prepared a coleslaw of white cabbage, carrot and red onion in a mayonnaise of Julia Child’s recipe, and made a focaccia.

A high salt, high fat, high guilt, but highly satisfying meal.