Lamb and Bean Braise

I’ve never really gone in for slow cooking before, but a bank holiday weekend and a newly purchased lidded cast iron casserole dish called out for something a bit different. This one comes from Nigella’s original classic, How to Eat. Like many of the recipes in there, it’s more involved than those of her subsequent books, but it’s none too taxing.

The main issue is preparation. You have to do some chopping of vegetables first (I did it first thing in the morning), then put them and the lamb in a bowl with some herbs, pour a bottle of wine over and leave it to stand.

Then it’s just a case of separating the lamb and sealing it, cooking the strained veg for a bit and then recombining everything with some mushrooms and balsamic vinegar before lidding it and leaving it on a low heat for the best part of 90 minutes.

The end result was truly worth it though – this was some of the most tender lamb I think I’ve ever eaten. I’m not sure if it was the soak in the wine or the slow cook which did it, but it was really something special. It was also a good baptism for our new cooking pot!