Mexican Breadsticks

At Christmas, my mum and dad gave both my sister and me a Great British Bake Off calendar. Every month features a different recipe, and my sister’s eldest daughter and I decided that we would try and have a monthly bake off. For March the recipe was Mexican breadsticks – we’re running a bit behind due to bad weather and illness! Although we got the recipe from the calendar, I understand it’s published in Great British Bake Off: Everyday: Over 100 Foolproof Bakes

The recipe isn’t too tough to follow – you make two batches of dough, one with lots of spices in. Whilst they’re proving you chop some jalapeños, then roll out one piece of dough and top with the chillies, then put the other dough on top. Roll the whole thing out some more, cut into strips and “twist” them to give the spiral effect. The end result looks really impressive.

My niece and I followed the same recipe but ended up with slightly different looking ones (the picture above is of mine; hers ended up longer and thinner; mine were a bit spicier). Both were equally delicious!