Jaffa Cakes

In the last post I mentioned my eldest niece and I were having a monthly baking competition. Well, for February we decided that we’d deviate from the Great British Bake Off calendar and instead make a recipe of her choosing. After much deliberation she decided on this Jaffa cake recipe from the BBC website, courtesy of Simon Rimmer. The competition ended up being a bit one-sided though because in the life of a 10 year old girl, sleepovers with best friends take priority and so she didn’t have time to make the Jaffa Cakes as well as the breadsticks.

All told, these are surprisingly easy to make. The “cake” is basically pancake batter and just takes a few minutes in the oven, the jelly is simply orange jelly with a bit of marmalade in it, and then the whole thing is topped with melted dark chocolate. This recipe was superb – makes regular Jaffa cakes seem pretty bland and pathetic. Far superior to their better known supermarket brethren.