Mushroom Pithivier

This vegetarian dish was worth the effort for the deliciously ‘meaty’ result, and the opportunity to say ‘pithivier’ more than one normally would.

A first foray into the world of Yotam Ottolenghi, this recipe from Plenty More was not particularly ‘Ottolenghi’ at all: no middle-eastern spices or influence in this traditional French pastry.

This meal was also an attempt to binge on vegetables following a particularly meaty Easter weekend. Containing chestnut, oyster and shitake mushrooms and whole shallots, this seemed to fit the bill, although any health benefits may have been negated by being fried in butter and encased in an all butter puff pastry.

The fried mushrooms then go into a thick, rich creme fraiche sauce, making for a filling meal that will also re-heat and feed us tomorrow.