(Jamie Oliver’s) Pollo alla Cacciatora

We’ve made Hunter’s Chicken before following a recipe from Nigella Express, but tonight it was the turn of Jamie Oliver, from his book Jamie’s Italy.

Preparing to make Pollo alla Cacciatora following a recipe by @jamieoliver

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This is a heady concoction. Whereas Nigella’s version has a base of spring onions and pancetta (typical of many of her dishes) the tomato sauce here is built on rosemary, garlic, anchovy and red wine. Also, while Nigella recommends the addition of cannellini beans, Jamie suggests them as a side dish. Which is exactly how I served them: sautéed in garlic oil and dry vermouth, seasoned with salt, pepper and dried oregano.

Pollo alla Cacciatora with cannellini beans sautéed in garlic oil and vermouth, from @jamieoliver 's #jamiesitaly

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I was worried that we should have served this with a baguette, but the beans added just the right amount of carb to help soak up the accompanying glass of red wine.