Cockle Spaghetti

This one is listed as a recipe from Nigellissima but you won’t find it in the book.

It’s actually supposed to be Squid Spaghetti, but when our online shopping delivery came they had substituted squid for cockles. I was going to reject it but then thought “what the hell, we’ll give it a go.”

The sauce itself is pretty easy to make – onion, garlic, tomatoes, chilli flakes and Vermouth.  Some extra chilli on top of what the recipe recommended gave it a bit of extra oomph in case the cockles didn’t work, but they did.

Tonight's squid pasta will be cockle pasta instead due to an online shopping substitution!

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I’m not saying this would be a regular addition to our menu, but it certainly made for a quick and easy tasty supper.

Spaghetti with cockles (instead of squid) in a tomato, chilli and vermouth sauce. A bit unusual, but not bad at all.

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