Chicken and Porcini

A while back I bought a copy of How To Eat: The Pleasures and Principles of Good Food for the sake of completeness of our Nigella Lawson bookshelf. It’s very unlike her other books though – no pictures, and the focus is more on cooking things “the right way” rather than a quick way.

As such, the book has languished on the shelf for some time. But it does feature a chapter of recipes for one or two people, so tonight I used one of these – making it the first real meal we’ve cooked from the book.

We're making chicken with morels… but couldn't find morels so it's chicken and porcini tonight!

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We couldn’t track down any morels but used dried porcini mushrooms instead which worked really well. The chicken thighs were also supposed to have skin, but there was substitution in our online shop so we ended up with a healthier version through no effort on our behalf.

Served up with some mash and new potatoes, this recipe was a definite winner. The sauce was so creamy and tasty. I know we were supposed to use morels but we didn’t care – this was a delicious dinner.

Conclusion: How to Eat contains no pictures but don’t be put off – it contains some wonderful recipes.