Toad in the Hole

As a small boy I grew up with a love of Yorkshire pudding. It was always my job to mix the batter on Sundays, not realising that this was a clever way for my mother to keep me busy and out of her way while she prepared the roast.

Toad-in-the-hole then is great comfort food: filling with both calories and nostalgia at the same time.

The mission for Wednesday evening: make toad in the hole, with peas and onion gravy.

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To make the batter I followed the method I grew up with: pour flour into a mixing jug up to about the 400 ml mark, drop in three eggs, beat with a fork until combined, then keep adding milk until the mixture makes smooth ribbons when dropped from the fork.

Meanwhile, fry sausages with finely sliced onion in a heavy based pan (I used herby Lincolnshire sausages) until browned all over. Then remove the sausages, slice on the bias into coins, add a generous plug of vegetable oil to the pan and heat on high until just starting the smoke.

Quickly pour in the batter, scatter over the sausage pieces pressing down a little, then transfer to a hot oven until risen and golden.

Toad in the hole – half for tonight, half for tomorrow.

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I then used the reserved fried onions to make an onion gravy. If I was to do this again I’d probably some herbs (maybe rosemary) into the batter before placing in the oven.

This was delicious, but particularly nice as cold left-overs the next day.