Pesto Chicken Stew with Parmesan Dumplings

This recipe by BBC Good Food is quick and easy to prepare (it’s essentially a one-pot) but takes a while to cook: up to 1.5 hrs simmering on the hob followed by thirty minutes in the oven to cook the dumplings. I cooked it for just under an hour on the hob and it was no less tender and unctuous for it.

We substituted dry vermouth for the glass of white wine, and the supermarket was out of fresh basil.

Italian chicken and pesto stew with parmesan dumplings from @bbcgoodfood.

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The finished dish was something special, and worth the wait: the stew itself was delicious, the molten pesto bridging the gap between the creamy leeks and the sharp sun dried tomatoes, while the dumplings were light and golden, with soft fluffy insides and crisp tops.

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  1. What a delicious supper dish! I used boneless chicken (less messy) and cider (oops! drank all the white wine), and cooked the dish for about 1.25 hours total. We ate this with crusty bread to soak up the lovely gravy. Surely you two boys weren’t still hungry after this??!

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