Clafoutis is a French dessert of flan baked with cherries and spiked with kirsch. Not having any kirsch, we had to substitute brandy. We also had the dilemma of whether to leave the cherry stones in or remove them: apparently leaving them allows them to release the same amaretto-like flavours during baking that you get from almonds and apricot stones. Fearing a trip to A&E, we decided that stone-out was safest.

The recipe comes from Paul Hollywood’s ‘Clafoutis Monique’ in his book How to Bake. His recipe involves making a thin batter from two egg yolks, 300 ml of milk and 75g each of flour and sugar, before folding in the whipped egg whites.

You eat the clafoutis still warm (not hot!), which we did to be authentic. I’m not sure how authentic the accompanying cup of English Breakfast tea was.